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KPI 101: Operational Excellence

In every business, there is room for improvement, which should contribute to operational excellence. But how do you convert improvements into actionable steps towards operational excellence?

Struggling with slow internet? Try this:

Working from home has benefits as well as some disadvantages. Although the comfort of your own home might be an encouraging thing, some issues may appear since the majority of workers are “locked” in their houses. Due to the excessive usage of multiple users, internet can become quite slow. And we are all annoyed by slow internet.

Contact Center 101: Working successfully from home

In the past months, the world took a rapid and unexpected turn, which ultimately changed almost every activity we were used to doing. Along with this change, came questions that did not have definite answers.

Contact Center 101: Choosing the KPI’s that matter

Setting strategic milestones and objectives plays an important role in any success in life. But when we talk about businesses, it becomes a necessity. In order to have a fast representation of the processes (and their accuracy) in your company, it is important to select the right levels of measurement.

Safer Internet Day

Since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1990, the domain has been completely revolutionized. In as much as 30 years, most of our businesses and social interactions are highly dependent on the www.

2020 vision: What changes are coming to Contact Centers

With every year, technology takes a step further into development and introduces new features and innovations. As in every industry, the capability to adapt to changes is crucial for the advance of the business. Contact Centers are experiencing an innovative approach to data storage and customer relations. With each passing year, new programs and developments are launched, that facilitates the user to receive rapid solutions to requests. We've arranged some predictions we discovered for 2020 that would propel the Contact Center performance upwards:

Ways to get loyal customers through customer experience

Customer experience is getting more and more important in a growing world of online competence. Every company wants their customers to have a great experience with anything they have to offer. From website visits to service calls, a company should strive to get everything as comfortable and simple as possible for their customers. In fact, 68% of marketers nowadays says that building a great online reputation and investing in customer experience is their main focus.

Why you need to invest in a call-center for your customer service as soon as possible

In the everchanging business world of today’s society, the main focus of companies has (or should have) shifted from a profit-driven mentality to establishing long-lasting relationships with customers or partners. Nowadays, people value these strong bonds between them and the business they want to interact with more than ever. Of course, fair prices are a main determinant in people’s buying process, but, close to that comes a business’s transparency, the ability to interact with a company and the sense of a personalized experience. And what better way to tailor a customer’s experience than to directly interact with them and offer a custom-made collaboration. So, we gathered some of the main reasons why implementing a call center should be your next business step:

What are the most common contact center problems that you can solve?

Every company ultimately wants their customers to be happy. Part of the happiness in customers comes from good service and customer experience. In order to achieve that, companies need to set up a good working contact center. Easier said than done. Delivering good customer service isn’t easy.. In fact, NewVoiceMedia research revealed that poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year.1 This shows that most companies are struggling with customer service. There are some problems that can appear easily without you realizing. In this blog, we tell you about the most common problems that appear and how to solve them.