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Increase your accessibility

Manage and optimize your customer experience with the platform for healthcare. Sign up for our free demos and see how to:

  • Gain insight into patient contact and be able to report on patient contact
  • Realize clear handling of patient contact by everyone
  • Provide more effective customer service
  • Set up call support in just a few clicks yourself without the intervention of an IT department

Optimize contact handling

Knowledge sharing

Supports employees by providing them with correct (medical) information.


Doctors, nurses and clinic staff can fully focus on the patient at the clinic and are not distracted by unnecessary phone calls.


Everyone will be informed immediately of changes in the working method to be used.

Why our customers love BranchesCX

Beoordeling door klanten: 4.5 van 5

"BranchesCX is the tool that we needed to effectively help our patients on the phone."
Annemei Pattje
Hoofd Patient Contact Center
Annemei Pattje
Hoofd van het patiëntcontactcentrum
The big advantage of working with BranchesCX is that it is so clear that no incorrect appointments are scheduled.
Robert Henzen
Teammanager Customer Contact Center
Amstelland Ziekenhuis
Amstelland Ziekenhuis
Robert Henzen
Teammanager Klant Contact Center (KCC)
Amstelland Ziekenhuis
Amstelland Ziekenhuis

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We believe that anything is possible and always find the right solution. And if the solution doesn't exist, we just design and develop it.

Stijn van Zanten
Product Owner