The PureConnect ™ platform is available both on-premises and in the cloud and is the omnichannel contact center solution for medium-sized and large organizations. Easy to manage and built to integrate with your other systems, you can adapt this platform to your specific needs and unlock additional functions with subscription licenses.

Interested in our services? Then visit one of the above pages.
Interested in our services? Then visit one of the pages below.

In addition to the services we provide, we offer the possibility of optimizing various additional functionalities on your PureConnect platform through our Agent and Server packages.

Our packages contain much-needed functionality that usually requires customization in the system. We offer these additions through generic packages that meet the needs of almost every PureConnect customer. All packages are fully documented and support the user in configuring and daily use. The packages are in line with the Genesys release policy, so that the functionality continues to work even after an upgrade of the system software. In addition, new functions are automatically added to the packages when they are included in interim releases or upgrades.

Agent packages

Bundle chats in one window

HyperTyper is an Interaction Desktop add-in that bundles all chats in one window. Here you can see who sent the last message (customer or agent) and what the time was.

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Email in one screen

Easily and quickly reply to emails, fully integrated with PureConnect software. This is possible with this application. Repleye ensures that both the incoming and outgoing mail can be clearly displayed in one screen. The outgoing mail is then displayed as the recipient will receive it.

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Server packages

WMF Historical Data Connector

Planning work with parties such as Verint, TotalView or CCMath works well, but not with PureConnect. We provide a procedure that solves this.

Scheduled Callbacks

By default, the Attendant only offers the possibility to call directly. With this solution you can place the callback request in a queue.

Export Administrator Data

Save the settings for your configuration in the database, and make them visible in an orderly manner with the included views.

E-mail Operations

Forward or move incoming mails directly? Change sender addresses? Automatically put e-mails on hold and do not influence your handling time? Which can.

Custom Interaction Data

PureConnect does not save everything; segment logging though. Gain insight into the timeline of your interactions, so that you can easily have all the information.

Attendant Tools

Give extra options to your attendant such as dynamic links for work groups, extensive external call forwarding and prompt recording.

Advanced ACD Routing

Do not route every type of interaction to a group, but only to the one employee who is most suitable at that time, and determine the conditions for it yourself.

Adhoc Recording Processing

Ad-hoc recordings are normally not available in the Interaction Recorder and cannot be found in the Business Manager. With this solution you can!