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Realtime dashboard for your wall display

CardBoardCX is the accurate visualization of the customer experience divided into graphs, figures and images that are essential for your contact center employees. CardBoardCX continuously delivers important information about the customer experience your agents need to know in order to deliver the best experience possible. This way Customer Experience (CX) and performance of agents (AX) improve

  • Genesys PureConnect
  • Mitel MICC
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Call support for agents

With BranchesCX, agents work more efficiently within the time they have. BranchesCX is a decision chart containing all the necessary information for the agent to answer questions quickly, clearly and consistently. As an administrator you can adjust the information realtime. You decide which information becomes available when. No technical or substantive knowledge is required to manage this tool. The design is super sleek and easy to use.

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Telephone costs under control

Telephony in the office is fully equipped, however, due to Covid-19 your staff fully operates from home. How do you make sure that your employees are easily accessible, without the costs exceeding all limits? Save up to 90% with our solution.

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