Genesys PureConnect is a fantastic platform that offers a huge range of possibilities, but also has its limits. With our add-ons, specially made to implement specific requirements, the boundaries are pushed further to meet the needs of your business.

Our suite of enhancements

We offer customizations via our generic packages that fit the needs of every PureConnect customer. All packages are fully documented and support the user in configuring and usage of the package.

The packages are in line with the release policy of Genesys, so whenever the system software is upgraded, you’re certain that the functionality will still be active in the new release.

In addition, new features are automatically added to your package when they are released in intermediate releases and, because the solutions we provide run on top of the platform, they will always work regardless of upgrades and updates.

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Highlighted Add-ons:

Advanced ACD Routing

You don’t want waiting agents to be assigned automatically

PureConnect lacks the possibility of assigning certain agents to certain calls, causing loss of control and the possibility to give the best customer experience possible. We put you back in charge with our Advanced ACD Routing add-on.

  • Get control over assigning the right agent to the customer – Create the best customer experience possible.
  • Route every interaction to the agent best suitable for the job – You decide!
  • In – and outbound calling on the same platform; no dialer needed.

Custom Interaction Data

Reduce average handling time for consultation by 50%

PureConnect does not store all valuable information. Urgent information, like cohesion between internal interactions and transferred calls, is missing. This leads to an average handling time that is twice as high compared to departments with a limitation in consultation and transferred calls. Our “Custom Interaction Data – add-on” creates segment logging, so you can easily access all information needed.

  • Realtime reporting, even per agent.
  • Easily access all information.
  • Get control of your contact center by having insights into transfer traffic.
  • Reduce average handling time by 50% because of realtime insights.

Add-ons overview

Our add-ons contain much-requested functionalities that require customization in the Genesys PureConnect system.
for more detailed information and complete add-on comparison overview.


WMF Historical Data Connector

Scheduled Callbacks

Export Administrator Data

Email Operations

Custom Interaction Data

Attendant Tools

Advanced ACD Routing

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