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Our mission: to create the best customer experience possible with innovative software that empowers your agents.

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We are convinced that good software contributes to success, growth and improves efficiency. Our Agent-First software solutions increase productivity and as a result improve Customer Experience.

Our solutions are accessible everywhere on any device, can be adjusted to your preferences and display the real-time data.

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The ultimate KPI
wallboard display

Have access to your most important KPIs in the blink of an eye. Clearly displayed, so that it is clear to everyone whether the KPIs are being achieved or whether scaling up is required. Real-time, modern and rendered in the way that works for you.


Call handling, knowledge management and reporting

Sharing is caring. All the knowledge you need bundled in one place. Providing agents with the correct answers to customer questions.


Higher ROI from your call center

Imagine beautiful designed email in the blink of an eye. No obsolete software, no frustration for your agents. Easy formatting and even add your customers corporate identity to it. Respond to emails in the same screen.

Why our software works for contact centers

With over 15 years of experience we know exactly what contact centers need to be successful.

In all these years we have personally experienced the highs and lows agents go through. Most of the lows were caused by software limitations. Agents weren’t able to efficiently handle calls the way they wanted to and decision makers, like you, were unable to extract the right data at the right time. That’s where our agent-first philosophy came to life. Everything we develop is aimed at adding value to contact center agents and improves their way of working.


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Robin Klopper
Customer happiness officer