Authentic omnichannel creation

The worlds biggest brands can now create an authentic omnichannel customer experience by adding e-mail to the conversation.

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A global thought leader in Agent Experience (yeah,that’s us) and the world’s most flexible cloud contact center have bundled added value.

We’ve brought our insights of efficient customer experience to the table and extended Twilio Flex to give the best brands in the world the competitive advantage they deserve.

Fully integrated into Twilio Flex, epleye offers a total solution that makes it possible for agents to compose and send professional e-mails with relatively little effort and in a very short timed time for responding to email decreases and the response speed increases.

The result: satisfied customers and happy agents.


New 3Fiftynine E-mail management integration with Twilio Flex drives efficiency and Omnichannel experience 

3Fiftynine launches world-first native e-mail management in Twilio Flex to help enterprise contact centers improve employee and customer experiences. 

Twilio Flex and RepleyeCX
converse and humanize engagement with efficiency

Rely on the most flexible cloud contact center and the productivity and e-mail capabilities of repleye. You can make it easier for agents to handle and respond faster to your valued customers’ emails, all while delivering consistent customer experiences and creating happier agents.

all in one place

Why switch between apps and lose valuable time just to provide a 360-view experience? Use Twilio’s intelligent routing to deliver e-mails right into your contact center and blend e-mails in all other conversation types.

branded emails

E-mails should be beautiful when received and read. Have multiple templates ready to be selected. All powered by SendGrid’s e-mail design editor, you build responsive e-mails that drive results.

Agent Experience

At the predefined place, agents can just type the answer or select a canned response. They don’t have to worry about anything else; that’s all taken care of automagically. Agents only focus on what’s important: the answer!

I want e-mail management in Twilio Flex

1. Incoming e-mail
2. Draggable screens
3. Outgoing e-mail
4. Send / delete buttons
5. Options
6. Template Chooser
7. Response manager‍

I would be happy to tell you more

Enable your call center agents to handle e-mails more easily and realize a true omnichannel customer experience.

Robin Klopper
Product lead