About us

Let us take you along in our passion for customer contact and why we find agent experience so important.

Our story

At 3Fiftynine we believe in the power of the contact center agents. They are the first ones to speak to your client, whether that is for a fun reason (booking a holiday) or because something is wrong. For the agent to do its job in the best possible way, great tooling is needed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

That is why we create contact center software that enhances your agents and give you peace of mind (at least when it comes to software).

How do we ease your mind?

We aim on giving you and your clients the best (human) customer experience possible, by combining the latest technological innovations with great design. We love using technology in our advantage and are always on the hunt for new ways to add value to our products. Our software solutions have amazing usability features and are a treat for the eye. We process agent feedback in our solutions, in order to make it the best tool for the agent to do its job in a fun and efficient way.

We don’t believe in obsolete software and a slow way of working. We make sure that every innovation we make is easy to use, always up-to-date and quickly accessible to you!

Why the name 3Fiftynine?

In 1954, Roger Bannister was the one to run the mile under the 4 minutes (3:59). Something which was believed to be impossible at that time. Our CEO, Randy Drielinger, got inspired by this story. Roger Bannister proved that impossible is just a challenge, by training off the beaten path. And that is exactly our mindset. We go further then where the maps end. We change the game.

“Contact center agents are the ones who knows what’s going on with customers. They are the voice of companies.”

Randy Drielinger, CEO 3Fiftynine

“In order to be able to help the clients and give them the best possible customer experience possible, agents should be provided with great, clear, tooling that empowers the agent in its’ job. Unfortunately, during our years of experience, we noticed that that is quite often not the case. E-mail handling is dramatic because it’s impossible to see the final mock-up of the e-mail, not to speak about the deviosity of adding any document. No realtime documentation of KPI’s is available, which causes long waiting queues and annoyed customers. We decided to step up and create software solutions based on our Agent-First Philosophy. Everything we innovate is created with the agent in mind. Our solutions provide realtime data, have awesome user features, look amazing and are easy to use."


Our mission is to change the Contact Center world in such a way that agents always enjoy their work. We do this by developing products for the agent, which makes the work of the Contact Center agent as fun, easy, but also challenging as possible.

Agent Experience is the driving force behind 3Fiftynine. We believe that when this is optimal, the agent is always willing and able to go that extra mile for the customer, so that the customer experiences the best possible Customer Experience.


We believe in a transparent world, in which knowledge is shared and companies and consumers dare to help each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why we think it is important that contact between parties can take place as easily as possible and that every type of contact is possible. That is why we build our own broad product portfolio aimed at Customer and Agent Experience. Our products can be linked to existing telephony platforms, but we are also developing our own super intuitive SaaS platform that uses the latest technologies. We want to conquer the world with the contact center of the future.

Our team

Meet our quick-paced game-changers. What defines all of us is our mindset.
‘Impossible is just a challenge’ is something we all feel. It connects us and together we innovate, create, design and build software to reach our goals and go beyond. We’re all experts within our field with extensive contact center experience. Think Interactive Intelligence, Genesys, Mitel, system integrators and other CIC suppliers. We’ve seen it all and now we’re here together to create something better.

"Impossible is just a challenge"