World's first native e-mailmanagement with Twilio Flex drives efficiency and Omnichannel experience

The new e-mail management integration with Twilio flex, launched by 3Fiftynine, helps enterprise contact centers improve employee and customer experiences.

3Fiftynine, a global player in Cloud Agent Experience and contact center solutions, has launched repleye for Twilio Flex: The first-ever email management enables enterprise contact centers worldwide to provide authentic Omnichannel experiences, all powered by Twilio Flex and SendGrid. As a result, contact center agents will have a more connected, intuitive, and productive experience to deliver customer happiness.

Today, contact center representatives worldwide still work in separate systems to provide a unified customer experience. This inefficiency and these time-consuming activities have become part of the job, even though agents are rock stars in providing the service customers deserve. 3Fiftynine set out to challenge the established and integrated repleye, a world-class email management system, with the world’s most flexible cloud contact center, Twilio Flex.

We are impressed with the power of Twilio Flex to provide the highest flexibility for solution providers while providing trust and reliability with the platform for enterprise contact centers,” said Bert Laker, Senior Product Lead 3Fiftynine. “The decision to extend Twilio Flex with email management capabilities was a no-brainer. Twilio Flex is truly the only platform flexible enough to adapt to new channels fast. We believe that agents should provide best of class service, all from a single efficient solution.”

repleye empowers agents to handle emails like other existing channels, with benefits like email templates and previews, efficient workspace, and automated responses, resulting in lower handling time and a better way to forecast the workforce. All while combining SendGrid’s reliability to deliver emails, Twilio Flex to efficiently route conversations, and 3Fiftynine’s best practices for email management.

Learn more about RepleyeCX for Twilio Flex.

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