What changes are coming to Contact Centers in 2020?

Contact Centers are experiencing an innovative approach to data storage and customer relations. Read our predictions:

  1. Cloud-based Services

Storing and renewing data is a time-consuming process, when thinking about traditional ways of operating (aka pen and paper). The digitalisation of these old-school channels offers the possibility of rapid growth and faster consumer contact. With this future “trend” in our mind, we designed the intuitive tool that digitalises old school approaches. Branches is the product that offers the simplest yet most effective integration in cloud integration and customer service customisation.

  1. Analytics rule the game

Because customer experiences are decisive in the buying process of an individual, knowing how to interpret data derived from your customer contact is crucial. Therefore, we designed the most descriptive tool for optimising your agent-customer relations. CardBoard is the Walldisplay that offers you real-time indicators on how your Contact Center is working. Completely optimisable, the live dashboard shows you KPIs that help you instantly improve customer experience. What more can you wish for?

  1. AI stealing jobs?

Everyone predicted the rise of Artificial Intelligence and its appearance in the Contact Center industry is no surprise. However, the manner in which these AI’s would interact with the industry was still unknown. Now, we believe AI would ease the contact center “job”, by simplifying the problem-solving steps. Automated messages seemed like a good go-to. But, keeping in mind the impact of the personal touch to the customers, we designed a product that combines strategically the capabilities of AI with human interactions. PROSE is the next-gen assistant helper. The script composer helps you plan and structure agents’ responses, both vocally and written and to break the barrier between AI concept and human integration. Therefore, Prose succeeds to combine the ease and rapidity of digital assistants with the personal touch of a human interaction.

We are ready for the future. Are you?

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