KPI 101: Contribution to Customer Experience

Customers should receive a rapid, stress-free solution to their problem and Contact centers should facilitate the best customer experience. Read how to in this article.

What is Customer experience?

Customer experience is such a broad term, very hard to define sometimes. It is compressed of so many techniques and tactics that it’s hard to be placed under the same definition. What is certain is that no matter the industry you perform in, be it baking industry or contact center, customer satisfaction is important for upbringing and keeping your reputation.

We have talked to our experts and came up with a somewhat defining statement:

Customer experience involves a fast and good response. For that, you need good knowledge. Reach the customer through multiple channels and provide them with suitable and complete answers. Tackle the problem to its core and find a solution.  

KPIs should therefore target the customer experience statistics and the agent productivity levels, in order to ensure a smooth run of the processes. These might come in handy in tackling the checklist to customer satisfaction. We put together a list of KPIs that could help:

  • Average Time in Queue
  • Average Time to Answer 

Apart from KPIs here are some other factors that contribute to a good customer experience:

-      Employee Satisfaction

-      Agent knowledge: good overview of the contact history of the problem

-      Customer profile: important for understanding the background, solves problems easily

-      AI systems: transcode audio conversation to text, helps with quality management 

How to connect the KPIs to the customer experience and improve satisfaction rate?

Easy. Through the CRM software. CRM refers to Customer Relations Management Software and it directs and automates the customer lifecycle of any company.CRM is used for creating customer profiles and keeping track of the customer relationship with the company.

It’s important to have a good customer profile defined. This way, when a customer has a problem or needs further information, the agent can search that information in the system and deliver it to them in the right way, based on the customer profile that exists.  

Moreover, a record of the history of the recurrent problem also comes in handy. Whenever a customer calls for a solution, the agent can browse through the problem and find similar alerts in the system and follow the same route with the new request. This way, the agents can give the right answer, fast.

What about bots? Do they help?

The bots can be an excellent replacer in some cases. They can help agents and provide useful and fast information to the customer. However, keep in mind that bots are computer generated programs and do not think like agents. And, they can only work flawlessly when the knowledge base is filled correctly. Therefore, a bot can answer very specific or general questions, but agents need to intervene if things need more explanation.

How does 3Fiftynine improve customer satisfaction?

3Fiftynine works on integrating systems together and provides all the data available in one spot. Our products are easy to use and accessible to anyone. They help the agents improve customer satisfaction by providing not only information but also customer specific statistics (call time, agents in call, waiting time etc.)

The future of customer experience?

The future holds interesting developments in the customer experience field. Most probably, robots will evolve and will be integrated more and more into daily activities. Good technology will lead to good answers fast.

Although there’s the thought that technology can replace agents, this is not completely true. There's a lot of things that robots can do, however, there are complex tasks that robots will not be able to do without human help. Most probably, robots will just become a helper for agents and not a replacer.

Here at 3Fiftynine, we strive to invite innovation into our daily life. Our team works on improving our products every day and together, we strive to create a better future. This is why customer experience, and most importantly customer satisfaction, play an important role for us in the team. We’re working on combining AI and human interaction in the best way possible, to bring you the best of both worlds.


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