Top 4 contact center movies to watch in 2021

We’ve selected some movies that you really want to see being a Contact Center agent or manager.

1.    Call Centre Girl (2013)

A humorous movie that follows Regina, who tries to better her financial situation and save money to go to UK. Meanwhile, she is working in a contact center in The Philippines and her mother attempts to help her with saving money and, ironically, ends up in the same call center as her.

A funny and accurate representation of an Asian contact center, as major companies decide to outsource their customer helping agents in the Asian continent. 

2.    Outsourced (2006)

Following the idea described above, Outsourced shares the story of a call center manager who moves his entire team to India. As if that is not enough bad news, he now has to travel to India to instruct the next manager who will be taking his job. Ironically accurate. The movie also gives detail about cultural differences and how they affect the contact center business. 

3.    The Call (2013)

Moving to another genre of movies, this psychological thriller depicts the story of an agent working in an emergency call center. As her job requires, she’s quite used to saving people’s lives daily. But, one day, a call will change her life forever.

Although this movie is not the typical callcenter setting you might be used to, it’s a great movie that will show you an extreme take on the call center industry, leaving you breathless.

4.    Escape from the CallCenter (2008)

We all know that person whose worst nightmare is working in a call center. And chances are, he actually works in one. Originating in Italy, the movie follows the complicated economic situation that forces younger generations to take a job out of their field of college studies, just because they’re in need of money. The movie explores the life of Gianfranco as a new employer at a call center company.

Watched them? Tell us what you think.

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