We’ve set out some personas for you.

By ‘reading’ the personality of your customer, you can tailor your communications technique and create the best customer experience.

1.    The Analysts

They work best in more non-social environments. You can rely on them for problem-solving and planning. They have a very organised and systematic working approach but think better when being alone with their ideas.

How to approach them: give them clear instructions and offer them space and time to come up with intuitive ideas.

2.    The Hard Workers

They are dedicated and hard-working and will not stop until they get it right. With a big respect towards following rules and procedures, they will deliver everything systematically and on time.

How to approach them: Explain to them what tasks they need to perform and make sure to appreciate and congratulate their hard work and dedication. It matters more than you think.

3.    The Promoters

Social, fun and energetic, these are your “middlemen” between your company and your customers. They like interaction and always have a smile on their faces. They fit best in your sales team because they crave social interaction more than anyone.

How to approach them: Ask how their day is going, make some small talk and be sure to communicate with them the goals and strategies for the sales department. They will help you achieve them faster than you think.

4.    The Supporters

They like to offer their help to others; they like to encourage people and always see the positive attributes of their colleagues.

How to approach them: Be enthusiastic and grateful. Explain your goals and also the “why”behind them. They’re very empathetic, so make sure to ask them how they’re feeling as well.

5.    The Controllers

They are the natural leaders. They enjoy a good challenge and getting things done. Count on them because they’re risk takers!

How to approach them: Explain the problem, or the challenge and consult with them. Ask for their point of view and how they think they should approach thee issue.

6.    The Innovators

They’re free spirits. They like to brainstorm and always think outside of the box. They tend to not focus on being very organized, since inspiration comes chaotically to them.

How to approach them: Ask for their innovative way of thinking and explain to them what you’re trying to achieve. Make sure to remind them of meetings or tasks and be sure they noted them down.

These are some of the personalities you may encounter or work with. However, these “profiles” are rather shortly explained and are only meant to give a glimpse into the complexity of an individual.

Which of these Personas have you encountered?  Or what other personalities did you work with?

Share them with us!

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