Working from home has its perks

But what if your internet gets slow? Here’s what to do to fix slow internet.

Working from home has benefits as well as some disadvantages. Although the comfort of your own home might be an encouraging thing, some issues may appear since the majority of workers are “locked” in their houses. Due to the excessive usage of multiple users, internet can become quite slow. And we are all annoyed by slow internet.

It gets frustrating and time consuming when you try to be productive and efficient.

For those moments, we have some suggestions that might help you overcome such an annoying situation.

1.    Work offline

If you are not in need of internet to get every task done, try to switch to working offline when possible. For example, if you need to write a Word document, make calculations or organise your thoughts/plans, try to do so without internet.

By doing so, you minimise the usage of the internet and organise your activities to get the tasks done. Moreover, working without internet might actually increase your productivity, as distractions are no longer present. It might surprise you that you could finish tasks sooner and be more concentrated.

2.    Disconnect devices from Wi-Fi

Try to disconnect all devices that you do not use at that moment. This might boost the power of the Wi-Fi, even if only a little. This might be useful when joining an online meeting. Also, this strategy can also help with your concentration.

3.    Don’t download

Another tip is not to download unnecessary files/programs etc. Internet tends to slow down when downloading is happening at the same time as searching on it. Therefore, try to download necessary things in the morning, before starting the actual work, so that will not influence the speed of the internet. Therefore, if possible, try to have everything downloaded before you start the actual work.

4.    Plan the internet usage

If you have a plan beforehand, internet problems might be avoided. Our tip is to plan your activities distinctively before starting to perform them. Make a list and try to follow it.

If the internet gets slow right when you are in the middle of a task, try to switch tasks and work on something that does not require internet for some time.

Then, try again.

5.    Configure a new DNS Server

If you absolutely need internet for your future tasks, try to configure your DNS server. Might sound very complicated but it is not as hard as it looks. There are a lot of pages online that explain how to do this task.

Here is one link but you can use whatever you want. Just search on Google “how to change DNS settings” and wait for the results to load…

6.    Switch to Ethernet

Sounds like history, switching to ethernet, since Wi-Fi is available anywhere at any time now. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right? A cable connection is more secure and might prove itself to be faster. Try this alternative for abetter and more stable internet connection.

7.    Relax

We know slow internet is frustrating, especially when we need to work from home. However, it is important to understand that sometimes, things are unfortunately out of our control. Particularly in these challenging times, filled with uncertainty and rapid changes, it is important to find balance and to relax.

However important the task you need to perform is or how much you need that internet connection, everyone will understand if Wi-Fi connection becomes slow. Because we are all in the same situation and servers are often overloaded and cannot keep up.

These were our tips on how to deal with slow internet. We hope they will help you solve your problems, or at least change your attitude towards them.

Whatever the outcome, we advise you to sit back and relax, especially in these times. Asan old song says, “Que sera, sera”.

Whatever the task is, it will be solved. Now or later.

We would like to finish this blogpost with wishing you to find balance in these challenging times and hope you can keep your hopes up. After all, a positive attitude can get you far.

And remember, if you need help with online guidance, 3Fiftynine is one click away. Don’t be shy.

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