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Let’s celebrate Safer Internet Day with some information about how we keep you safe.

With the rapid growth of the internet and its various uses, risks were not late to appear. Hackers made their way through the servers and users’ data was in great danger. Since it has become such a big risk, the focus has been shifted towards the security of the “online”; the first online security laws being born in 1990 and still being updated today.  

Internet safety is one of our top priorities; therefore, we take ongoing steps every year to better the privacy of our customers and security of our products.

The history of 3Fiftynine products:
Customer online safety has always been a very important issue for us: we’ve been working in the contact center world for ages and all we do is talk to people. From the beginning, we have given major importance to keeping the data safe. Moreover, we only use the data to interpret different aspects (like KPIs) and to present statistics to our contact center clients, but we never store the data in our servers.  

Common cyber-attacks today:
Technical assessments are performed throughout the product development life cycle to ensure the security of our products. We focus our efforts to common cyber-attacks such as:  

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Man-in-the-middle Attack
  • SQL injection  

Concerns for companies:
The main threat for consumers nowadays is Phishing (next to Malware and MitM), which can lead to a multitude of attacks, such as:

  • the installation of malware / ransomware
  • credential theft which may lead to financial impact

Our method of preventing threats:
Currently we use SSL, strict password requirements and access protocols. Most of our clients have whitelisted IP to access the applications.

Moreover, we have our servers stored at True. True protects our system through their Advanced Security Platform which consists of three components: DDoS mitigation, a Web Application Firewall and Intrusion Detection. Also, we regularly do security audits2.

Data leakage at 3Fiftynine: Never
We do not collect or store data from our clients. 3Fiftynine displays products that serve only a presentation layer of real-time information.
We are a software development company and therefore have security as the first priority regarding our applications.

Future of cybersecurity:
There are multiple trends that will likely shape the future of cybersecurity. Applying AI and Machine learning will allow security vendors to implement detection controls that are more accurate and adaptable. They will reduce the time from detection to mitigation of new attacks significantly, and thus help businesses reduce their overall risk.

More importantly however, because 99% of attacks rely on human error, we believe the human factor will be critical for organisations (like ours) to become more resilient to cyber-attacks3.

3Fiftynine: Ahead of the curve.

We invest in our people. Any company that engages in the development of software should have developers that are highly aware of the consequences of their software not being written in a secure way. For example, think about all the bits of code they use from others. Each of those components should be scanned for known vulnerabilities before inclusion, and an assessment should be done on the impact of said inclusion.

Want to know more about our products and this topic? Feel free to contact us.

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